Trying New Things

One of the favorite parts of my job is being able to participate in doing new and interesting things.  This can be new technology, new approaches or just stepping outside my comfort zone. I really strongly suggest you find ways in your life to get a chance to do this.  Mak

“The Enemy Is Out There” – A Learning Disability of Organizations

How often in golf when I am putting, do I blame the greens for my missed putt?  Too fast, too bumpy, too …..  Each of us has the propensity to blame to someone or something outside ourselves when things go wrong.  Marketing blames sales, sales blames engineerin

Reaction to View of Universe from Hubble

A fascinating video of what the Hubble telescope saw when it focus on a empty part of deep space for ten days.  Really amazing what it saw.  A great four minute video Hubble Ultra Deep Space in 3D Have a look.  Life changing experience. Is our universe a molecu

Casting Your Bread On The Water

If you cast your bread on the water, it will return a hundred fold.  An old proverb one I firmly believe.   My father after he retired he told that it wasn't the projects he was most pround of but the people he had helped.  He said that the effect on people multi

What Does Your Inner Voice Say?

How do you talk to yourself? Do you scold yourself or encourage yourself? The words we use are very important to the way we communicate with ourselves and others.  We must always choose the way we express our thoughts.  The words create images and feelings.  Images c

Why Jim Blogs

I expect many people who read my blogs wonder why I write what I write.   For sometime I wondered myself and continued because it felt right.  I think I now know why.  I love to help people and guide them along the path to effectiveness and success.  I pr

“It’s Getting Fine”

When I was about 12 years old I set off early with my bosum buddy early to go fishing with Jack Sampson, who was an adult friend of my buddy.  The plan was we would get our row boat at a pond and take it out to the river and take it across the river to a favourite fishing area.

Am I Attracting Things

Are my thoughts attracting things I do not want?  A close friend is exhibiting some very self destructive behavior and I am quite pessimistic about the outcome. Are you on a project that you are very pessimistic about the outcome. Do you find it difficult to keep your "ends

Learning from Our Mistakes

When I have a good game of golf I am very happy and often have the passing thought, "What am I doing right."  All I know the ball is going in the hole with fewer shots and I am not getting into trouble.  I never go to my golf pro and ask him what am I doing right

Tom Peters on Excellence

Great quote from Tom Peters of In Search of Excellence fame "In Search of Excellence basics in 127 characters including quotation marks and spaces:"Cherish your people, cuddle your customers, wander around, 'try it' beats 'talk about it,' pursue excellence, t