Strategic Data Services

Planning for the future, managing for success

Our clients have told us that the strategic use of their data assets is a top business priority.  Executing on this need comes with many challenges that can slow down or even halt the process:

  • Managing the tension between business and IT
  • Dealing with the complexities of new data sources and formats, and dealing with changes in the business model including acquisitions and new lines of business
  • Organizational change and adoption
  • Lack of ownership of data and limited understanding of the value of data stewardship
  • Changing technologies and the emergence of disruptive technologies
  • Cost management and understanding the total cost of ownership

Our Project X consultants are experienced in successfully dealing with these issues and have built methodologies on the following principles:

  • Understand your business and people
  • Communicate up front with business stakeholders and gain senior level sponsorship
  • Facilitate designs and plans in cross functional and integrated forums
  • Ensure all initiatives are business driven
  • Plan for organizational change management, communication and adoption
  • Consider upfront and ongoing costs at a holistic level


Our core strategic data service offerings include:

Data Strategy and Roadmap Development:

  • Conduct a 360 review of the business
  • Align current business requirements (including regulatory), future opportunities, and the need for flexibility
  • Utilize pragmatic approaches that leverage existing assets and investments
  • Develop strategic business cases

Enterprise Architecture:

  • Manage the coexistence of big data and data warehouse
  • Assessing current and emerging technologies for your needs
  • Carry out assessment, integration and proof of concept
  • Balance cost / performance tradeoffs and the need for future flexibility

Data Governance:

  • Drive business sponsorship and ownership
  • Develop policies, practices and enforcement
  • Ensure privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Leverage best practices

Organizational Change Planning and Management

  • Gain business sponsorship and buy in at every stage
  • Listen first and Communicate across all key stakeholders
  • Understand business readiness and build plans accordingly
  • Train, empower and support the delivery and business teams
  • Act as non-threatening agents of change

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