Why Jim Blogs

I expect many people who read my blogs wonder why I write what I write.   For sometime I wondered myself and continued because it felt right.  I think I now know why.  I love to help people and guide them along the path to effectiveness and success.  I provide as much help as possible from my years of experience in the IT consulting business.  I started consulting in the late 60's as a programmer and learned from my experience and other people lots of lessons.  I would like to share these lessons with as many people as possible.  The Project X Ltd. blog offers a great opportunity for me to share.  The idea fits perfectly with our values.  Project X Ltd. believes that if we work together and cooperate everybody wins.  Cooperation is the "iron clad logic of social living." 

I am reading a book called "Love is a Killer App" by Tim Sanders which helped me understand why I blog.  He really takes a quite a different philosophy towards business than most people and it really resonated with me.  The idea is that love in business is defined as all the things you do to help others grow and be effective.

One of my credo's in my business life is always answering the question "What have you learned lately?"  I love learning new slants on old ideas and new approaches to common problems.  I also know that the best way so solidify my learning is to share these ideas with others.  If you can explain the key ideas to somebody else, my knowledge becomes more solid.  I find that knowledge and useful ideas are expanding rapidly and so many ideas are so much more accessible these days.

I belong to business book discussion group called the Senge Group.  We meet each month to discuss books that one of us thinks would be interesting.  We started the group many years ago discussing Peter Senge's book "The Fifth Discipline", that still remains as one of the best business books.  The discussion really helps us all understand this important book about creating a learning organization.   We have read and discussed many books since and I find the group very stimulating and helps expand my understanding.  I strongly recommend we all form such groups and commit to meeting regularly at a time convenient to the members.  The members need to give the group some real priority in their lives because we all very busy people.  I suggest you form a group of like minded people who do not work together and meet to discuss the concept of a discussion group.  If you cannot form a group, find at least one other person you can share good book titles.

I blog because I want to share my ideas and experiences, expand and consolidate my own ideas.  

I would welcome comments and feedback.       

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