Am I Attracting Things

Are my thoughts attracting things I do not want?  A close friend is exhibiting some very self destructive behavior and I am quite pessimistic about the outcome.

Are you on a project that you are very pessimistic about the outcome.

Do you find it difficult to keep your "ends up".

I wonder how much our thoughts and beliefs attract the future. I suspect much more than we think. I have decided to work on visualizing a completely positive outcome for my close friend. I will create a future which will be a happy one for us all.

On your project, create a overwhelming successful outcome and work on creating a strong image of the outcome. The more we can see and feel the outcome the more real it will become. I will even write down the scenario for my friend and review it regularly. Stay tuned.

  1. Jim Hayward Reply

    I wonder Graham about the law of gravity. The question is how positive would you be. I expect if you really believed then maybe something would change for you. The trick is to really believe.
    I think one of my parents technique is parenting me to believe in me in the face of evidence to the contrary. In retropect, they altered my behavior radically. In comparison, they expected the worst from my older sister and got it.
    I do not think that logic is involved here but expectation. So many things live down to our expectations.
    I just wonder how much of the results are from our expectation, Vivian.
    I wonder how much I am responsible to the outcome——A Sobering Thought.

  2. Graham Reply

    What The Bleep Do We Know…. resurfaces
    The Power of Positive Thinking
    If I woke up this morning positive that the law of gravity would be repealed, would it? I’m just suggesting there are limits to what positive thinking can yield.
    If I keep a positive attitude about my project I am more likely to want to work on solving the problems that exist in the project. I will put more effort into solving the problems. The probability that I will solve the problems will increase because I apply my best effort.
    If I’m totally down on the project I will put forth less or no effort and the all the problems will remain unsolved, which will increase the probability of project failure.
    BUT if one of the problems on the project is the law of gravity I have to think very hard about how I can overcome it … and given the time and resources on the project, it may be insurmountable.
    I can KEEP a positive attitude, as long as that positive attitude is not delusional.

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