Project X Ltd Turns 9!

Project X Ltd has just celebrated it’s 9th year in business. We would not be able to keep growing and striving without the support of our loyal customers, employees, and partners. We want to take a minute to thank everyone who has supported us to become the company we are today.

Proper Project Communication is Key…right?

I was chatting with a friend recently about a project she is on that she described in her own words as a ‘master disaster’ – timelines in jeopardy, cost overruns, unrealistic expectations, and frustrated team. I thought back to my own experiences and research and my first

data scientist 2

this is a second note on the role of data scientist… some links to Harvard Business Review

What’s a Data Scientist ?

Twice this week I've encountered the newish title "Data Scientist" and have been struggling to understand what that role might entail.  The first place I came across the title was in an article in the Teradata online magazine:

It is not the strongest of the species…

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." Charles Darwin It's that time of year again… winding down 2012, ramping up 2013. What changes can we expect next year? I

sky diving from space

some crazy Australian rode a weather balloon into the upper stratosphere on the weekend and the from 75000 ft. jumped out. being the first person to skydive from space (or at least the outer atmosphere – as high as helium can take you) . I’m writing this on the subway. the

The Wrong Users Manual

Does life surprize you or confuse you?    The book, “The Black Swan,” talks about events that come out of left field and surprise us.   A great example is 911.  Two things that baffled me about 911, the coordinated successful operation and the colapse of the buildings.  I

Speaking Up II

Jim, a friend of mine, was a summer student hired by the Federal Government to work in Kenora to work on implementing giving First Nations people the vote.   This was an important initiative by the governement and Prime Minister Diffenbaker came to give the program his support.

Poetry Versus Prose

Graham Boundy and Harvey Gellman would often say that this book would have made a good article.  Recently I read a peice that suggested expressing your ideas in a poem was much more efficient.  So maybe often a book should have been a poem. I have not completely digested t

Speaking Up

Sometimes we are annoyed when someone takes a controversial position in a discussion or meeting.   We want people to agree with our position and do not like contrary opinions.  However often if we are open to listening we can learn some important things.  Often the s