The Wrong Users Manual

Does life surprize you or confuse you?   

The book, “The Black Swan,” talks about events that come out of left field and surprise us.  

A great example is 911.  Two things that baffled me about 911, the coordinated successful operation and the colapse of the buildings.  I remember thinking how could someone hate that much to commit such henious act.  

The Black Swan suggests that we may have the wrong users manual on life.  When they happen we try to make sense of it in hindsight, but really we are just deluding ourselves.  If lawmakers warned us and caused us to increase security of the cockpit, we would complain about all the cost increase of flights.   Clearly no believing that such an event was possible.  

See what I mean about us not having the right user manual.

Another observation is that some disasterous IT projects that have driven companies out of business.  Clearly these decision makers have the wrong user manual.  

I commit personally to spend the rest of my life trying to find the “Right User Manual.”   Remember life is a pligrimage not a destination.

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