The Best Way To Use The Last Five Minutes Of A Day

Reflecting on the days activity with three questions:  How? What? Who? Every day, just before finishing work, save a few minutes to reflect about what happened today. Look at your calendar and compare what actually happened — the meetings you attended, the work you got done, the

Effective Business Requirements Documentation

As a Business Analyst, a critical success factor is to ensure that all requirements are efficiently captured for the development team to use.  Curious about what other business groups’ best practices are, I attended the webinar presented by IAG on "Inside Effective Business

Top BI/DW Opportunities and Challenges in 2011

I would like to share some thoughts on the top opportunity and challenges that Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing will face in 2011.   1.          Mobile BI – As with any technology or approach at its genesis, organizations often strug

Project X Ltd. At MicroStrategy World 2011

January 25, 2011 – Toronto, ON & Las Vegas, NV – Boutique advisory and technology services company, Project X Ltd., announced today its participation in MicroStrategy World 2011 taking place January 24-27, 2011 at the Wynn Las Vegas. Project X, a MicroStrategy alliance partner, is

Project X Ltd. Aims to Lead Business Intelligence Mobile App Development

Company completes training to become lead facilitators for the MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike Program January 25, 2011 – Toronto, ON & Las Vegas, NV – Boutique advisory and technology services company, Project X Ltd., today announced they have completed the QuickStrike Mobile Ap

Why Business Intelligence is So Complex?

Often the conceptual formulation of a business intelligence project is very simple.  "Wouldn't it be great if we could track out net return by product or customer?"   As the project develops the definitions and business rules often get mired down in complexit

Data Governance – Whose Issue Is It?

Data governance is an issue for everybody in the business intelligence business.  The following are a series of blogs on Data Governance.  I would like to invite comment and criticism.   Data Governance – Introduction Process Design Introducing Data Governance

IPAD in the Schools

Schools are shelling out for IPAD's in these tight times.  The New York Times recently published an article about the use of IPAD's in schools. Math That Moves: Schools Embrace the iPad   I really think the software available and the ease of use and por

Toffler’s Top 40 in the Next 40

Alvin Toffler has submitted his idea on the top 40 in the next 40 years.  He did quite well 40 years ago with his predictions in Future Shock.  I wonder what you think of these predictions.

Vision for Education in 21st Century

How can people who are "digital immigrants" help "digital natives" learn?  Technology offers the revolutionize the way we learn and help people learn.  However we all need help to learn the new language.  Project X is always on the loo