Project X Ltd. Aims to Lead Business Intelligence Mobile App Development

Company completes training to become lead facilitators for the MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike Program

January 25, 2011 – Toronto, ON & Las Vegas, NV – Boutique advisory and technology services company, Project X Ltd., today announced they have completed the QuickStrike Mobile Application training program from MicroStrategy, a global leader in business intelligence technology.  Project X is among the first MicroStrategy alliance partners to complete the training program and become lead facilitators for the MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike Program in Canada.

As MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike Lead Facilitators, Project X will work with clients to accelerate their mobile BI application strategies from concept to production with a proof of concept mobile application, storyboard and video overview in two weeks. With mobile business intelligence on the verge of widespread adoption, companies are looking to deploy their business data on devices that make it easy and convenient to access critical data.

“As lead facilitators for MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike, we’re able to extend our rapid results methodology to the development of mobile BI apps,” Project X President, Stephen Hayward remarked. “Almost every company we speak with today is seeking a solution to deploy their business data on mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone to leverage the power of mobile visualization and action. We’re aiming to be a leader in mobile BI and offer full solutions to any size organization.”

“Businesses today are recognizing the value of empowering their executives, workforce, suppliers, and business partners with actionable information at all times, not just while they are at their desktop computers,” said Sanju Bansal, COO at MicroStrategy. “We are pleased that Project X has completed the MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike training program and is now facilitating the design and development of mobile strategies and technology implementations for its customers.”

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    Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

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