“Can I Do It?” “Yes I Can!”

Reminder to self, "Remember to ask and answer 'Can I do it?' "  I am an avid golfer and often my performance creates doubt.  If I apply Bob the Builder's motivational technique, I play much better.  Putting improves dramatically when I use this

View of Deep Space

A fascinating video of what the Hubble telescope saw when it focus on a empty part of deep space for ten days.  Really amazing what it saw.  A great four minute video Hubble Ultra Deep Space in 3D Have a look.  Life changing experience.

Readiness, Motivation and Rapid Results

Why people do and do not do things?  Readiness determines the why.   People only do what they are ready and willing to do.  How can we apply this idea to our work?   An example might help.  The IT group in an organization wanted to give new and better sys

MicroStrategy Mobile BI and iOS 4.3

Hey folks, As a warning, I upgraded my iPhone and iPad to iOS4.3 and my MicroStrategy Apps do not seem to be working.  Seems to be an issue around connecting to the intelligence server.  Still works on the older OS with iPad and iPhone. Anyone else found this issue or have

Facilitating Problem Solving

How can you most effectively help somebody solve a problem?  A simple question produces the most amazing results.  The question evokes very creative answers and ones the person is ready to do. As great problem solver, I eagerly offer solutions but find they are ignored. &#

Actions That Defy Logic

Often people do things which defy my logic and understanding.  Hidden factors are things that are unknown to me which explain people's behavior.   Remember that you do not have the whole picture from that person's point of view. 

People Are Motivated By “The Why’ not “The How” of Data Governance

If people understand and accept "why", they will figure out how to make it happen.  This idea provides a practical application of the three principle of Motivation 3.0, Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.  Do project managers spend any time discussing why? 

Fast Cars and Fast … moving Projects

Often we are brought in to help break through the boundaries of approach and context to help clients simplify projects and get them done less expensively and faster. Don't we all want that.  The challenge is that not all situations can manifest themselves that way.  Th

Importance of Prework – Work Session Preparation

Meeting, or work sessions are more productive if people come prepared.  I make a habit of asking people to do some things in preparation for any meeting I am leading.  I call this prework.  The preparation is excellent way of getting the meeting going productively. &

Being Right and Data Quality

Over the past 2 months I have found myself listening or participating in conversations that were driving for an absolute answer. I am by far no mystic guru or physocologist, but it is sad to see the energy we spend endeavoring to be right. Please don't take me wrong, this is not a