Project X Labs Announces Latest GeoDash 2

We are pleased to announce while we are down at MicroStrategy World that the latest version of GeoDash is now generally available.  You can see the press release here. Stay tuned for some videos of it in use.  In the meantime, here is the new value for clients at the same

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Discussion Part 2

One of the most compelling ideas in the book is the concept of team work.  The example used in the book is a basketball team.  If you have a really good player but he does not care if the team wins or loses but how many points he makes, he really is not helping the team.&#

Project X Ltd launches Project X Labs

Project X Ltd is pleased to announce the formation of Project X Labs Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary software development lab. See the release .  Also feel free to drop by  

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Discussion Part 1

This blog is a continuation of my discussion of the ideas in the book.  See last weeks blog. I have been thinking about the book and how the lessons could be applied to my previous experiences.  Several years ago we formed a consulting firm and we did very well

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Introduction

Someone recently recommended I read "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" by Patrick Lencioni, a leadership fable.  It is a fabulous book and one I heartily recommend.  We discussed the book at ourSenge Circle, a business book discussion group.  The setting for

Dreams Coming True

Christmas and the holiday season is a magic time.  I thnk Santa Claus exists as the spirit of giving.   Most of us want to reach out to those we love at this time.  I think because we have such short days we reach out to the ones we love.  However the days gett

The beginning of the end for Data Warehousing ?

Some of you may be surprised to read I've recently become less religious about Teradata. That's not because Teradata has declined or it's competitors have improved significantly. It's mainly because I see the market moving toward realtime and near realtime reporting. T

Jack Welch’s ABC People Strategy

Did he have confidence, courage, or just a great determination?  He certainly was extremely creative and ambitious.   I am fascinated by many of his strategies.  ABC was one of the one's that really struck me.  I think he really cared about people.  H

Why Do We Use Four Letter Words?

Ever wonder why you swear or use four letter words?  Some people say it simply demonstrates our poor command of the language.  Others say it is simply laziness. I am not sure.  I met a famous psychologist many years ago who was well known for using many four letter w

Do Self Help Books Help

I was recently asked by a person doing a PH D research project to complete a questionaire about my use of Self Help books.  I realized that I have bought and read many.  I think I have bought more than I have read but still I have read many on many subjects. I was asked wh