Can You See Your Habits?

An amazing fact of human nature is that we can see other peoples behaviours more clearly than our own.  That is why we need help from others to change.   The best person to help is someone who is outside you circle and is not involved with your life.  They will see t

The Power of Habits

We find it difficult to change because our habits and routines are extremely powerful.  A fellow has done some great work on the power of habits and written a book.  He was interviewed recently by Dan Pink, who wrote Drive.  See Dan's blog on the interview  

Scope Management

I realized my scope blog did not include much content because I clearly have no simple solution because it is not a simple problem. see Scope Creep and Other horrors In my cottage example of adding a bathroom that turned into a new wing, I would like to explore possible solution

Scope Creep and Other Horrors

What can you do about scope creep? What are the causes of scope creep?   Is it inevitable? I think everybody becomes creative as we think about a project.  I was thinking of adding a bathroom at the cottage and before the conversation finished it became adding a whole new

Complex Project Sponsorship

Often in IT Projects, the sponsorship of a project is not simple.  Often there a many stakeholders who have a significant interest in the project.  This is common when we are working on a data warehousing project.  Many different groups have vested interest in the pr

Insegni Centre and Project X Labs Announce Joint Social Intelligence Offering

We are so thrilled today to be announcing that Insegni Centre has partnered with Project X Labs to create a joint offering in the area of Social Intelligence, called LikeInsight. See cross post here Social Intelligence you ask?  Think Social Media Data + Business Intelligence! I

Challenges of the Business Analyst

The work of a business analyst is to develop an understanding of business process and model them.  Usually the work is associated with a project whose objectives are to change or improve a process.  Often these processes are quite complex and the analyst must get the infor

Hidden Factors

Are you often perplexed by why people do the things they do?  Often I oversimplify the reason by simply thinking they are incompetent.  I suspect they do not see things the way I do.  Often the reasons are hidden from you. These hidden factors could be simply be thin

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Discussion Part 3

One of the things that can really bring a team together is adversity.  I think we have all been in difficult situations with others and the experience of the team pulling together is something we will never forget.  When we first formed our consulting company, survival was

Listening with Heart

I could not resist reposting this great blog on listening by Lolly Daskal.  I think the key point is an attitude of curiousity and learning. "Who was the last person who actually listened to you?  �