The Power of Habits

We find it difficult to change because our habits and routines are extremely powerful.  A fellow has done some great work on the power of habits and written a book.  He was interviewed recently by Dan Pink, who wrote Drive.  See Dan's blog on the interview  Power of Habits and How to Change Them

We are all creatures of habits and the key is to use this to our advantage.  

Think about how you drive a car.  Very little is conscious behavior.  Most is habitual.

One fascinating point is that we cannot eliminate a habit but you can replace it or transform it into a new habit.  The key is to discover the cue or trigger for the habit and the reward you get for the behavior.  We need to experiment with what triggers a behavior and understand how we can replace the behavior the trigger start with a new behavior and give it a reward.  We need to experiment.

On powerful habit I have developed is publishing a blog every week.  I have found that subjects come to me in groups and I write more than one at a time.  However I feel real pressure to create something weekly.  

Another habit I have developed is having a hot tub or hot bath most every night before I go to bed.  I find it very relaxing and helps me sleep at night.

I will think of behaviors I want to change and do the analysis and report back later.

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