The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Discussion Part 3

One of the things that can really bring a team together is adversity.  I think we have all been in difficult situations with others and the experience of the team pulling together is something we will never forget.  When we first formed our consulting company, survival was the thing that pulled the team together and it was a marvelous experience.  Later when survival was not as much of an issue, I think we were not as much of a team. 

When we are in the heat of the moment, we can find it hard to appreciate the experience  but on reflection we realize how great it was.  As the book points out, working as a team does not mean we all agree but that we share our views, our views are respected.  When the team then decides, everyone works to support the decision.  I think peak performance comes in these moments. 

We also must hold each other accountable and support each other. 

These crises really bring out the best in a team.  I wonder if we need these things to really create a team.  Once the team has pulled together and succeeded, the next challenge is to keep the team functioning as a team instead of reverting to old habits.  We all need to remember "life is a journey not a destination."

  1. Jim Hayward Reply

    I agree that adversity can bring a team together but also can have people running for cover and finger pointing. However you sure can tell who is on the team in these circumstances,
    Some people should get out of the kitchen if they cannot stand the heat or carry their load as you say, Graham,
    Thanks for the comment.

  2. graham Reply

    If someone has a WHY to live, they can bear almost any HOW. Victor Frankl “Man’s Search Meaning”
    In the ’90’s there was a trend to send teams to offsite locations to do team building activities. One of these activities was a trust exercise where everyone took turns being the blindfolded person who would fall backwards off a raised platform and their teammates would catch them. Getting people to fall backwards involves a significant amount of trust.
    One of the team members was a very large individual. He fell backwards, his teammates tried to catch him but failed to stop his substantial momentum due to gravity.
    My point is significant trust is built during times of adversity as long as everyone can carry their load.

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