Hidden Factors

Are you often perplexed by why people do the things they do?  Often I oversimplify the reason by simply thinking they are incompetent.  I suspect they do not see things the way I do.  Often the reasons are hidden from you.

These hidden factors could be simply be things like they could just had a fight with their spouse or a bad review from their boss.   I keep reminding myself I cannot see things through their eyes.

After that reminder, hopefully I become more curious about their point of view and listen more carefully to discover what is really going on.

I remind myself that nobody intentionally makes mistakes.  If they appear to intentionally make a mistake, I must remember to did deeper.  


  1. Jim Hayward Reply

    Thank you, Meagan, for your comment. People love to talk about themselves if you can asked the right questions, An attitude of sincere curiosity is the best strategy,

  2. Meaghan Bartlett Glidden Reply

    I wholeheartedly agree. In my experience in the classroom and with my team members within the school system I often remind myself of these hidden factors.
    It is also a great practice in the rest of your life too including your family and strangers on the street. Although digging deeper with strangers may not be possible, having a good pair of listening ears will always be a superb tool in interactions and relationships.

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