Speaking Up

Sometimes we are annoyed when someone takes a controversial position in a discussion or meeting.   We want people to agree with our position and do not like contrary opinions.  However often if we are open to listening we can learn some important things.  Often the senior people dislike contrary opinions and dismiss them.  They do not appreciate that the most value comes from contrary opinions and not "the yes men."   

Sometimes we are so intent on pushing our own ideas we fail to see the value in other points of view.  

Often I have taken positions that are contrary to the "party line' and have found my ideas ignore.  Maybe I need to find new ways to express my ideas in more palatable.

I often think of the fable about the King's new clothes.   The little boy was ignored because he was stating the obvious, not the popular position.  

  1. Atul Reply

    Well said, Jim. I agree with the essence of your article. Too often, we become so engrossed in justifying our own ideas that we fail to consider the ideas provided by others. It is true that we should have conviction for our ideas but at the same time, a balanced outlook will essentially consider the input from different entities and then decide the best course of action, even if that course of action means, to not to go with one’s own idea but to give precedence to someone’s else idea which is better than one’s own idea!

  2. Tim Attia Reply

    I have to disagree with you. 🙂 Seriously, yesterday I was arguing so hard with a client that I didn’t even realize that they were agreeing with me. That is the problem with the “no” man. hard the notice when they say “yes” but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a valuable position.

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