Learning from Our Mistakes

When I have a good game of golf I am very happy and often have the passing thought, "What am I doing right."  All I know the ball is going in the hole with fewer shots and I am not getting into trouble.  I never go to my golf pro and ask him what am I doing right.  However when I am having trouble I am busy trying to learn what I am doing wrong.  I learn from my mistakes not my successes.

I wonder if I had the attitude that every bad shot is a learning opportunity.  I expect it would really help my game.

In business, all our learning comes from our challenges, not our successes.  Is there a practical way of making this idea a reality?

I expect this aspect is part of human nature and our reaction depends how good we are feeling about ourselves at the moment.  

However I suggest we all ask oursleves "what can I learn from this experience?"  

  1. Jim Reply

    I also listen and read that book, Mark, and it really helped me.
    Thank for your comment. I really think and believe that the challenges in life make us grow. One of my teachers said “We are never aware of the growth, only the pain.”. I agree up to a point but on reflection I can see the growth as you can.
    The law of attraction really works. I sometimes forget and need to be reminded.

  2. Mark Wellman Reply

    I was recently in what felt like a rut and was seeing only the negative side of things. No matter how hard I tried, I could not feel positive.
    Having an extensive library of self hel and personal development books, most of which I have not read, I picked up Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich”.
    Have read it many years ago, I was able to take many of the principles and apply them to my current state of mind.
    This book has done wonders for my self confidence, self image, and overall state of mind.

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