Casting Your Bread On The Water

If you cast your bread on the water, it will return a hundred fold.  An old proverb one I firmly believe.  

My father after he retired he told that it wasn't the projects he was most pround of but the people he had helped.  He said that the effect on people multiplies a hundred fold.

Harvey Gellmen, my partner at Gellmen Hayward, practiced this continually.  Anybody who sought his help, he left no stone unturned to help them.  He mentored many people and took special interest in helping women who needed support in tackling the glass ceiling.  I remember one fellow who was struggling with a teenager said "Harvey saved my life!"  How good is that.

Being a consultant, the potential for leveraging my help throughout an organization was my challenge.

Sometimes you are not aware the effect of a smile or encouraging word can have on people.  

If anybody knows the source of this expression, please let me know.

  1. Jim Hayward Reply

    Thanks for the source. I also like Ecclesiastics. Some thought provoking ideas. One discussion is is goodness its own reward or will your good fortune be your reward.

  2. graham boundy Reply

    Ecclesiastics 11:1
    One of my favourite books of the Bible, because it is pessimistic and yet uplifting.

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