What Does Your Inner Voice Say?

How do you talk to yourself? Do you scold yourself or encourage yourself? The words we use are very important to the way we communicate with ourselves and others.  We must always choose the way we express our thoughts.  The words create images and feelings.  Images cannot see the negative.  So saying to ourself or another "Don't worry" only creates an image and feeling of worry.

We cannot "not do something," we can only do.  So in the words you use, avoid the use of "not" and "no", as much as practical.  Express things in the positive.

Thoughts are expressed in words and words create feelings.  Our self talk can be creative or destructive.  I suggest we deliberately resolve to be kind and gentle with ourselves.  Love ourselves and praise our efforts instead of criticizing our shortcoming.

One thing I have trouble with is how I talk to myself after I make a mistake.  I say "Jim that was really stupid or !@#$$%^%%$."  However a far better thing to say is what you might say to your child when he falls while trying to walk.  "Good effort.  Well done."  I hereby resolve to give myself credit for the effort when I fall short of my ideal.  Look for the learning in every experience. 


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    I welcome your feedback. Could you be more specific about what you do not like about my blogs? How can I improve?
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