“It’s Getting Fine”

When I was about 12 years old I set off early with my bosum buddy early to go fishing with Jack Sampson, who was an adult friend of my buddy.  The plan was we would get our row boat at a pond and take it out to the river and take it across the river to a favourite fishing area.  

When we started out it was raining but Jack looked up at the sky and said "It's getting fine."  We got our boat and took it out to the river only to find our trip across the river was blocked by logs collected on the river.  We went back to the bridge across the brook and dragged to boat up to the road.  We hitchhiked a ride with the boat up to a place where we could put the boat in the river above the logs.  Jack looked up and said "It's getting fine."  It was still raining.  

We took the boat across the river and went to the brook that was a favourite fishing spot.  We stopped to light a fire and dry out as it was still raining.  We fished and I do not remember if we caught anything.  We stopped to dry out again and i guess have lunch.  Jack looked up in the sky and said "It's getting fine."  It was still raining.

We eventually went back across the river but because of the logs, we could not return to the pond to return the boat.  We landed the boat near the road and hitched a ride back home.  We returned later to get the boat back to the pond.

During the trip, I was wearing a wine coloured leather jacket.  When I got home the wine coloured dye had gone right through to my underwear.   Soaked to the skin and very cold, but happy to have experience an adventure.

I will never forget Jack's expression "It's getting fine."   A memorable trip i will always remember fondly.   I still believe "It's getting fine." 


  1. Annette Reply

    Great story. But maybe not too convincing as to the power of believing “It’s getting fine”… Unless “getting fine” is a psychological state irrespective of external conditions?

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