Why Are You Who You Are?

Ever wonder why you do what you do?    I often wonder why I ended up doing what I did.   How much of what you have done is based on luck and chance? There are not simple answers to these simple questions.   I think we set driection in our life based on many inf

How To Influence People

I am rediscovering Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People."   The amazing things is that his ideas are as relevant and fresh now as they were when he wrote it in 1935.   "If you want honey, don't kick over the beehive."  

Can You Change the Future?

A great technique which can help us change our future is called future pacing.  The steps are very simple but extremely powerful. Select a future outcome that you desire.  Describe it in detail. Test whether you really want his outcome by asking. What will happen if outcom

The Power of Habits

We find it difficult to change because our habits and routines are extremely powerful.  A fellow has done some great work on the power of habits and written a book.  He was interviewed recently by Dan Pink, who wrote Drive.  See Dan's blog on the interview  

Scope Management

I realized my scope blog did not include much content because I clearly have no simple solution because it is not a simple problem. see Scope Creep and Other horrors In my cottage example of adding a bathroom that turned into a new wing, I would like to explore possible solution

Dreams Coming True

Christmas and the holiday season is a magic time.  I thnk Santa Claus exists as the spirit of giving.   Most of us want to reach out to those we love at this time.  I think because we have such short days we reach out to the ones we love.  However the days gett

Jack Welch’s ABC People Strategy

Did he have confidence, courage, or just a great determination?  He certainly was extremely creative and ambitious.   I am fascinated by many of his strategies.  ABC was one of the one's that really struck me.  I think he really cared about people.  H

How We Learn Behaviors

Ever wonder why you do the things you do? We do not learn things by reading them or by being told.  We learn from life's expereinces.  We develop a model about how the world is and remember things that reinforce that belief.  We form most of our world view by the

Remembering My Apple Experiences

In 1975, at Gellman-Hayward we got a Apple LISA based a suggetion by Joe Cira.  It was a stand alone computer with an amazing user interface.  We really liked it but the hardware was not very reliable.  I then got MacIntosh in 1977 which I truly loved and was so easy

Leadership What Do You Stand For

I look for examples of great leadership and learn from them.  Lolly Daskal has written a great blog abour that Lolly Daskal on leadership.   As Project X matures the committment to deliver value rapidly to the client drives all our actions.  Our understan