My First SDK Experience

The other day, we were thinking back to our first custom SDK project. I thought it might be interesting to share how it started. And, as with many things it started with a client coming to us with a problem… The Problem: We have been engaged to develop a dashboard for a client.  One o

Partner Sales Training At MicroStrategy HQ

Just before Halloween I had the opportunity to travel down to Tysons Corner, Virginia and attend the Partner Sales Academy at MicroStrategy headquarters. As a MicroStrategy Partner, we not only have the opportunity to promote and work with a best in class BI tool, we also get to parti

Project Plans and the SDLC

As we all know every project starts with a plan.  It is crucial to have a roadmap to guide you on any endeavour that you plan to undertake.  As it is said, if you don’t have a plan then you plan to fail.  Of course, we need to have a plan that depicts your objectives and incorporates

The Wrong Users Manual

Does life surprize you or confuse you?    The book, “The Black Swan,” talks about events that come out of left field and surprise us.   A great example is 911.  Two things that baffled me about 911, the coordinated successful operation and the colapse of the buildings.  I

Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt

Do you dismiss opinions that do not jibe with you view of the world?  Do you consider that they may be seeing things from a different perspective?   I find seeing the others point of view when is not alignned with mine very difficult.   I just heard a story that one

Importance for Relating to Others

Many people have criticized business and engineering schools for not teaching any courses on how to wins friends and influence people.  Tom Peters and Dale Carnegie come to mind. However the key success factor for people to be successful in taking a leadership role is their abil

Bias For Action

When Dan Pink asked Tom Peters what was the most important principle from his book 'In Search of Excellence', he said without hesitation "A Bias for Action."  Dan Pink thens asked what was the second of the eight and after a long pause he said "A Bias for

Career Choices – Careful Who You Talk to

When I was in high school and considering careers, I seriously considered going into medicine.  I had a really good friend whose father was a doctor so I asked if I could talk to him.  If I recall correctly one of the first things he said to me was that I would have to acc

7 ways to tame your email monster

Here are some suggestions from a newsletter I read.  It has to do with dealing with email while writing a report, proposal, requirements document or memo. 1. Never try to write when you might receive ANY alert (either audio or visual) about emails lurking. Turn off your no

Give The Client or Customer 10% More

Do you have a delighted customer or client?  I bet you are in demand.  Harvey Gellman, my mentor and business partner, had a saying "Give the client ten percent more than they expect."   Don't just meet their expectations but exceed them. That is really