Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt

Do you dismiss opinions that do not jibe with you view of the world?  Do you consider that they may be seeing things from a different perspective?  

I find seeing the others point of view when is not alignned with mine very difficult.  

I just heard a story that one person objected to the actions of a committee of a volunteer organization.  The person accused the committee of acting contrary to the organization's constitution.  The whole issue became very devisive and resulted in most of the executive resigning.  The objector even threatened people.   I suspect the organization may not survive.  As the saying goes, "One bad apple can spoil the barrel."

Because of the person's attacks, the other people got their backs up and were unable to see the person's point of view.  I wonder if somebody had seen both sides and acted as a mediator would a resolution been found without putting the whole organization in jeopardy?

In many situations, we often dismiss the person's objections as a personal attack and the motivation as destructive.  That means trouble.

Look at the others point of view from their vantage point and maybe a new reso;ution can be found that meets everybody's objections.  

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