Top BI/DW Opportunities and Challenges in 2011

I would like to share some thoughts on the top opportunity and challenges that Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing will face in 2011.   1.          Mobile BI – As with any technology or approach at its genesis, organizations often strug

IPAD in the Schools

Schools are shelling out for IPAD's in these tight times.  The New York Times recently published an article about the use of IPAD's in schools. Math That Moves: Schools Embrace the iPad   I really think the software available and the ease of use and por

Toffler’s Top 40 in the Next 40

Alvin Toffler has submitted his idea on the top 40 in the next 40 years.  He did quite well 40 years ago with his predictions in Future Shock.  I wonder what you think of these predictions.

The speech Steve Jobs delivered to the graduates of Stanford University in June of 2005

At Project X  we are always on the lookout for things to share which match with our values and might be of value to our readers.  Steve Job and Apple have had an incredible impact on the world.  I was a very early fan of the MacIntosh and Gellman Hayward had one of t

Four Word MBA Refresher Course

Listen More, Talk Less. With thanks to Dan Pink Great advice for me.

Living Life

A great little 30 second speech by Bob Dyson, CEO of Coca Cola: "Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – work, family, health, Friends and spirit and you're keeping all of these in the Air. You will soon understand th

Creative Tension

One of the neatest ideas from Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline was the concept of creative tension.  I think it is in the section on Shared Vision which is one of the five disciplines.  The concept is that reality and our vision are often significantly different and crea

Whack a Mole Culture

I was reading an article about the danger of your hidden culture called "Executives Beware — Your Culture May Be Deadly by Peter De Lisi.  If you recall the kids game, when the mole sticks his head up out of the ground, you try to whack the mole.  In many organiza

Core versus Context – A Planning Taxonomy

In this note I continue my ideas on planning.  I am always looking for new mental models to help me understand issues a business faces.  In a book by Moore called "Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution" he makes an inte

Big Hairy Audacious Goal – BHAG

This is a continuation of my series on planning.  One of the salient characteristic or habits of visionary companies identified in the book, "Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies"  was the setting of a bold mission.  I would like to discuss