Remembering My Apple Experiences

In 1975, at Gellman-Hayward we got a Apple LISA based a suggetion by Joe Cira.  It was a stand alone computer with an amazing user interface.  We really liked it but the hardware was not very reliable.  I then got MacIntosh in 1977 which I truly loved and was so easy to use.  At the time the PC market was in disarray with a contest between a microsoft and another operating system.  

I recall I was asked to review an IT strategy at Kidd Creek Mines.  It was amazing, Doren Cohen was leading the miners in Timmins to use Macintosh on the desktop and underground connected to IBM System 38.  The use and acceptance was way ahead of the rest of the mining community because of its ease of use.  Doren then moved to TransCanada Pipelines and introduced a decentralized strategy with MacIntosh on the desktop connected to distributed VAX computers.  This was a conversion from a large IBM mainframe.

The next thing I recall is that Microsoft introduced Windows and IBM and others were offering PC's and lots of software was being developed.  There was extreme pressure from my current clients for me to give up my Mac for a PC.  I succumbed to the pressure to get access to lots of new software.  The macintosh was losing its position.

The next big landmark was in the mid 80's when we were asked by a large law firm to migrate them for a network of MacIntoshes to a network of PC connected to a server.  They liked their MacIntosh but wanted access to more software, a sign of the times.

Now in 2011, I am back to the MacIntosh Pro and learning all over again a new approach.  I am enjoying learning some new ways of thinking.  I am learning how to organize my 10,000+ photos using Iphoto.  I already have made some breaktroughs there.  Photos are organized by time, by events and by people's faces.  It is really exciting.  I am looking forward to learning new ways of doing other things.

I hope that Apple without Job can still deliver excitement and new approaches to life, the universe and everything.   

  1. Jim Hayward Reply

    I wonder how well I can adapt to the Apple world. I really love the unique approach to software. I need to adapt my thinking that is so Windows.
    Thanks for the comment, Graham.

  2. graham Reply

    In May of 2010 I switched from an HTC windows CE phone to an iPhone. At the time I was contemplating an Android based phone but got talked into the iPhone by MIP.
    I now have an iPhone, an iPad 1, and a MacBook Pro. (I also have an ipod mini shuffle – but that was purchased at a charity auction – more for fun than functions – but is great for tunes while skiing)
    Four months ago I converted from a PC to the MacBook. I run VMware and have 4 virtual PCs on the MacBook for client work that requires PC specific configs or software (eg. ERWIN, Teradata SQL Assistant, VPN to client sites, etc.)
    Great tools! I’m as close to paperless as I can be. Haven’t bought a paper book or magazine in months. I use paper docs reluctantly.
    I’m just starting to embrace the iCloud.

  3. Jim Hayward Reply

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    Keep watching for more blogs.

  4. online writing jobs Reply

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