Can You Change the Future?

A great technique which can help us change our future is called future pacing.  The steps are very simple but extremely powerful.

  • Select a future outcome that you desire.  Describe it in detail.
  • Test whether you really want his outcome by asking.
    • What will happen if outcome occurs
    • What will not happen if the outcome occurs
    • What will happen if the outcome does not occur
    • What will not happen if the outcome does not occur, consider carefully
  • If the honest answers to these questions are simple we have a well formed outcome
  • Now visualize the outcome happening in the next week.
  • Describe what it is like in detail
    • What it looks like
    • What it feels like
    • What it sounds like
    • What you are saying to yourself about it
  • Now visualize the outcome in three weeks answering the same questions.
  • Next imagine the outcome in two months answering the same questions.


Be careful to only do this exercise with things you really want to occur because it is very, very powerful. 

This exercise should be done quickly and if you have a friend who could ask you the questions you will find it easier.  


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