Join us at MicroStrategy Symposium Toronto – Oct. 14th!

  We’re excited to once again be sponsoring MicroStrategy Symposium Toronto coming up next week on Friday, October 14th. Taking place at the Sheraton Centre, MicroStrategy Symposium is your one-stop shop to network with Canadian BI professionals and learn about the latest d

CoffeeCAST – #57 – Welcome Back

After a very long hiatus, CoffeeCAST makes a triumphant return! In today’s episode, your intrepid host Stephen Hayward sits down with Project X Ltd. VP Ted Aslanidis for their inaugural CoffeeCAST in our new office. They discuss the challenges of moving into a new space before d

Retail: Addressing Data Privacy and Security Concerns

As a retailer in the age of big data, knowledge is power. It’s no secret that consumer shopping data is a hot commodity in today’s digital age, and shoppers are willing to sacrifice data about themselves in order to reap the benefits of loyalty programs and special offers. According t

Retail: Integrating Market Basket and Planogram Data

Wal-Mart, an early adopter in digital market basket analysis, determined back in 1997 that people who purchased a Barbie doll in their stores were more 60% likely to also buy one of three different candy bars. If we suppose that this information was determined around the holiday seaso

Retail: The Value of Mobile Apps and Dashboards For Store Reporting

When it comes to retail, there are a great many decisions that need to be made at all different levels of management. Before the advent of automated intelligence gathering this would all have to be done manually, and it could take weeks for the data to work its way up from the employe

Retail Series: Consumer Data and the Path to Purchase

From Small Fry to Big Fish Back in the days of the mom n’ pop shop, it was easy for a shopkeeper to provide a personal experience for their customers because they knew the name of each and every person who came into the store. Savvy retailers could then design the layout of their stor

How creative data visualization is used to shift public opinion

We here at Project X Ltd. love data, though we have to admit that raw data is not particularly relevant to the layperson who can’t make sense of it. It’s for this reason that data storytelling is becoming a hot topic for data analysts who need to be able to communicate their findings

Project X Ltd Announces Exclusive North American Re-seller Partnership with 6 Degrees Planning

21 January 2015, Toronto, On – Project X Ltd announced today that is has entered into a reseller alliance agreement with New Zealand-based Theta for the promotion, sales and support of its Six Degrees enterprise planning software in Canada and the United States. Six Degrees is a

Remembering My Apple Experiences

In 1975, at Gellman-Hayward we got a Apple LISA based a suggetion by Joe Cira.  It was a stand alone computer with an amazing user interface.  We really liked it but the hardware was not very reliable.  I then got MacIntosh in 1977 which I truly loved and was so easy

Project X Ltd. Aims to Lead Business Intelligence Mobile App Development

Company completes training to become lead facilitators for the MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike Program January 25, 2011 – Toronto, ON & Las Vegas, NV – Boutique advisory and technology services company, Project X Ltd., today announced they have completed the QuickStrike Mobile Ap