IPAD in the Schools

Schools are shelling out for IPAD's in these tight times.  The New York Times recently published an article about the use of IPAD's in schools. Math That Moves: Schools Embrace the iPad   I really think the software available and the ease of use and por

Implementing and Using Technology Part 1

Why is the use of technology so challenging?  How can we learn from others experience?   Why do people fear change?  I think the answers to these questions are important and I will explore these questions.  Technology available for use in organizations is

A Business Intelligence Look at What Pharma is Doing with IT

 I wrote last week about business intelligence and it's application within the pharmaceutical vertical based on an article I'd read.  In my post I talked about …pharmaceutical companies to get value from all that data, there needs to be a robust b

Linking Business and IT

How often does one hear the complaint that the IT group really only cares about technology and not about the business?  If you are talking to an IT person about your business problem, how often is the first question they ask is "What software are you using?"  Now w

Education Transformation

I thought I'd cross post an article I wrote on my blog regarding some thoughts on transforming education here on the PXTLD blog since it directly relates to some of the work we do. _______________________________________________________________ I've spent some time over the pa

Niche Consulting Firms

Project X Ltd has now been around for just under 5 years and have evolved into a Niche Advisory and Technology Services organization.  In discussions over the weekend, I had a great conversation with someone from industry about why we are choosing to stay niche and what value th

The Wii – First Impression

Last weekend I was introduced to the Wii and played golf as Tiger and bowled.  We also tried tennis and a fitness test.  I was amazed how physical the game was.  You really got into the the physical aspect of each activity.  I was quite impressed how much fun each

ETL and SODA (Service Oriented Data Architecture)

So over the last couple of days I have been really wracking my brain on the post I did about API vs ODBC.  And one of the things that it brought back to me was the idea of Service Oriented Data Architecture (SODA). I wrote about it before in the context of getting tight and invol

CoffeeCAST – #43 – Collaboration in the Enterprise

Welcome to the 43r CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  I finally had a chance to catch up with Rex Lee who I have known for a while and have been bugging to come onto the CoffeeCAST and he finally submitted on behalf of the kids 😉 We took the time to talk about somethin

CoffeeCAST – #42 – Teradata User Group and Other Musings

Welcome to the 42nd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  I took a few minutes of space at a Starbucks along with Graham Boundy to chat about last weeks Teradata User Group meeting and a few other musings along the way. This was an impromptu meeting without any agenda, bu