Scope Creep and Other Horrors

What can you do about scope creep? What are the causes of scope creep?   Is it inevitable? I think everybody becomes creative as we think about a project.  I was thinking of adding a bathroom at the cottage and before the conversation finished it became adding a whole new

Complex Project Sponsorship

Often in IT Projects, the sponsorship of a project is not simple.  Often there a many stakeholders who have a significant interest in the project.  This is common when we are working on a data warehousing project.  Many different groups have vested interest in the pr

Hidden Factors

Are you often perplexed by why people do the things they do?  Often I oversimplify the reason by simply thinking they are incompetent.  I suspect they do not see things the way I do.  Often the reasons are hidden from you. These hidden factors could be simply be thin

Setting Positive Goals

"I am going to lose weight," "I am going to quit smoking,"    Why don't these resolutions work?   I think our unconcsious does not recognize negatives because it sees things as images.  The only images these thought evoke are images of w

7 Consulting Lessons Learned

These lessons have been learned in school of hard knocks in consulting.  Would like to see my scars?  Readiness – People only do what they are ready and willing to do. Hidden factors – Many important factors are hidden. The clients are always right – Even

Be Curious and Understand Context – Ask Questions

Do you know the context for the work you are doing?   How does it fit in the great scheme of things?   I am often amazed how little we appreciate how the projects we are doing fit with the business.  Example – Value of Outsourcing An interesting personal exampl

Why Are You Reluctant To Write

Through out my consulting career of thirty five years I wrote very little because I did not think I could write well enough to meet Harvey's standards.  Harvey, my business partner, was very particular about the quality of written documents.   However Stephen and Graha

“Can I Do It?” “Yes I Can!”

Reminder to self, "Remember to ask and answer 'Can I do it?' "  I am an avid golfer and often my performance creates doubt.  If I apply Bob the Builder's motivational technique, I play much better.  Putting improves dramatically when I use this

Readiness, Motivation and Rapid Results

Why people do and do not do things?  Readiness determines the why.   People only do what they are ready and willing to do.  How can we apply this idea to our work?   An example might help.  The IT group in an organization wanted to give new and better sys

Facilitating Problem Solving

How can you most effectively help somebody solve a problem?  A simple question produces the most amazing results.  The question evokes very creative answers and ones the person is ready to do. As great problem solver, I eagerly offer solutions but find they are ignored. &#