Setting Positive Goals

"I am going to lose weight," "I am going to quit smoking,"    Why don't these resolutions work?  

I think our unconcsious does not recognize negatives because it sees things as images.  The only images these thought evoke are images of weight and smoking.

A simple example is to asked yourself not to think of blue.  Everything that comes to mind is about blue.

A similar idea is that we cannot "not do" something.  We can do many things but what do we do to "not do" something.   I learnt this very graphically when I was disturbing my wife's sleep by snoring. She would tell me to stop snoring and I would breifly stop and then start again.  I was asked whose problem it was.  Clearly it was her problem so I tried to think what she wanted me to do.  Finally I concluded she wanted me to sleep quietly.  So when she is disturbed by my snoring she says, "Jim, you are snoring, sleep quietly."  It has work amazing well as I now know what to do.  

Instead of being frustrated by what you do, think of what you would like to do and set a postive goal.  You will be amazed at the success if you perist and really want to change.


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