Some simple observations from MicroStrategy World 2017

I have been fortunate enough to have been attending or exhibiting at MicroStrategy World for over nine years. Yet out of all the years I’ve attended, this year felt different, and in a positive way. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time, so while I sat at the airport to fly

MicroStrategy and AWS are a match made in heaven

In the past, I have talked about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the information one should know prior to moving your data to the cloud. After spending the last week at MicroStrategy World in Washington, D.C., our team was happy to hear that MicroStrategy has made it even easier to depl

The types of trade show attendees, ranked

One thing I didn’t truly consider until we opened the booth on the first night of last week’s World conference are the types of people that visit booths at trade shows. I mean, we certainly considered the various levels of decision makers: The C-suite, developers, analysts, and other

Flashy visualizations: They look good… but so what?

Over the past several weeks and recently at MicroStrategy World I’ve been involved in conversations where we reviewed different types of data visualizations and what value can be derived from them. While many people who request visualizations want something flashy that seems to answer

Convincing reluctant business users to adopt visualizations

After talking to many people across all different industries at the recent MicroStrategy World conference, this was my biggest takeaway: Grid is still number one for business users. The biggest challenge IT practitioners face is trying to convince business users to view their data as

Project X welcomes Mark Cairns to our executive team

Project X is pleased to welcome Mark Cairns to our executive team as a Client Executive. With his vast experience working in business intelligence, he will be working with our clients to help enhance and streamline the end-to-end project experience. Mark has 25 years of experience wor

Top 6 Data Visualization Projects of 2016

At Project X we are passionate about data, and are continually inspired by the creative ways data scientists and artists make large data sets accessible to the public at large. With the new year having just begun, we want to take this time to reflect on our favourite data visualizatio

Interpreting Predictive Analytics with a Grain of Salt

Predictive Analytics can be very helpful: algorithms can help retailers decide what quantities of items to order, detect instances of financial fraud or help allocate resources to control the spread of a disease. However, while these predictive tools are helping change lives for the b

Scenes From Our New Office Party

  We want to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of our friends and family who joined us to celebrate the milestone of moving into our new office at 4120 Yonge st. It goes without saying that we simply wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for all

Retail: Addressing Data Privacy and Security Concerns

As a retailer in the age of big data, knowledge is power. It’s no secret that consumer shopping data is a hot commodity in today’s digital age, and shoppers are willing to sacrifice data about themselves in order to reap the benefits of loyalty programs and special offers. According t