Some simple observations from MicroStrategy World 2017

world2017I have been fortunate enough to have been attending or exhibiting at MicroStrategy World for over nine years. Yet out of all the years I’ve attended, this year felt different, and in a positive way. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time, so while I sat at the airport to fly home I thought I would try to define just what about it felt different.

First, there were way more attendees than previously. More activity and motion. As an exhibitor, that always is nice.

Second, the attendees all seemed to be on the same page. At previous World conferences, not everyone was as exposed to or up to speed on the topics that were covered. Remember the mobile wave? That was, at the time, so far out of scope for most of the businesses there. This year everyone seemed to have direct experience or knowledgeable readiness on most of the areas of conversation.

Third, the right-sized venue. Much to my surprise the venue was fantastic; perfectly matched the volume of attendees. The flow of attendees by our booth was steady. Lots of escalator rides – but that was OK.

Fourth, being better organized. As I mentioned, I have exhibited at World more than a couple times, but out of all the years we showcased our capabilities on the show floor, this year we were way more organized than in present years. Big thanks to my team who was with me, and our co-exhibitors The Mighty Wizards.

Fifth, the quality of the conversations. I did not go more than two hours without having a great conversation with someone. I learned so much from everyone I met and really wrapped my head around their use cases and challenges. Really got me thinking in fun and creative ways.

And finally, reconnecting. While many friends couldn’t make it and were missed, we reconnected with so many people who we adore, and somehow managed to find the time to have some meaty conversations. Hugs all around.

We took away of lot of positivity from the 20th anniversary of World, and learned so much. Thanks to everybody who took the time out of their busy days to connect with us, and great work to everyone involved!

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