7 Reasons to Launch a Career in Data and Analytics

Back in 2009, solutions marketer Nic Smith stated succinctly that “Business Intelligence is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can take the right decisions.” With the amount of data available to businesses, it is critical that the data is

Retail: Big Data and Personalized Shopping Experiences

If you’re a retailer, chances are you’ve got loads of data from your customers, but the question on the minds of many is how to take advantage of it all? The digital age is also the age of personalized experiences, but there are plenty of marketers who have yet to take advantage of th

How creative data visualization is used to shift public opinion

We here at Project X Ltd. love data, though we have to admit that raw data is not particularly relevant to the layperson who can’t make sense of it. It’s for this reason that data storytelling is becoming a hot topic for data analysts who need to be able to communicate their findings

Can You Change the Future?

A great technique which can help us change our future is called future pacing.  The steps are very simple but extremely powerful. Select a future outcome that you desire.  Describe it in detail. Test whether you really want his outcome by asking. What will happen if outcom

Project X Ltd launches Project X Labs

Project X Ltd is pleased to announce the formation of Project X Labs Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary software development lab. See the release .  Also feel free to drop by www.pxlabs.ca  

Trying New Things

One of the favorite parts of my job is being able to participate in doing new and interesting things.  This can be new technology, new approaches or just stepping outside my comfort zone. I really strongly suggest you find ways in your life to get a chance to do this.  Mak

Getting Help Solving Problems

Do you notice how easy it is to see somebody else's problem and solutions?  Do you wonder why they cannot see it themselves?   Dan Pink produced a blog that gives an insight on the reasons. Tricks for solving problems faster Reach out to others and asked them to