Blog Series – Lambda Architecture Template ; Mapping Lambda with Technologies (Part 3)

Recently, I was asked about the Lambda Architecture and how it applies to an organization. I have written 2 blogs on Lambda, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to organize the blogs and share my findings in one place here. Building a Lambda Architecture Template Before I go i

Why we love the new MicroStrategy community portal

While attending MicroStrategy World this past week, we were happy to celebrate 20 years of the event with everyone who attended. Amidst all the celebrations, one new development piqued my interest:  MicroStrategy has started a new community page, a place for MicroStrategy product enth

Flashy visualizations: They look good… but so what?

Over the past several weeks and recently at MicroStrategy World I’ve been involved in conversations where we reviewed different types of data visualizations and what value can be derived from them. While many people who request visualizations want something flashy that seems to answer

Retail: Integrating Market Basket and Planogram Data

Wal-Mart, an early adopter in digital market basket analysis, determined back in 1997 that people who purchased a Barbie doll in their stores were more 60% likely to also buy one of three different candy bars. If we suppose that this information was determined around the holiday seaso

Discovering The Beauty of Data Visualization

There is a saying today that data is the new oil, a hot commodity to be commercialized and traded. In the following TED Talk by data scientist David McCandless, an author of two books on data visualization, he states we should instead refer to data as the new soil. His argument is tha