Why we love the new MicroStrategy community portal

MicroStrategy_Community_PXLTDWhile attending MicroStrategy World this past week, we were happy to celebrate 20 years of the event with everyone who attended. Amidst all the celebrations, one new development piqued my interest:  MicroStrategy has started a new community page, a place for MicroStrategy product enthusiasts to network and learn from each other’s experiences. Its purpose is to foster communication among all MicroStrategy users, encouraging them to ask questions, take part in community discussions, present unique and spectacular ideas to others and so much more. There is even a dashboard and visualization library to help users discover templates to accelerate their BI adoption.

The community page, located at success.microstrategy.com, is broken up into various sections including: clients, tools, object, platform services, SDK and gateway applications. Within each of these headers, there are a vast array of topics, each of which has a designated subject matter expert or curator to be known as the “expert” for that topic. The best part of the curator role is that it doesn’t have to be a MicroStrategy employee; they are leveraging the global experiences of all their users, partners and employees and looking for those specific individuals to lead the conversation.

For example, our team at Project X has a lot of experience in SDK, we could choose to be the curators when it comes to Web SDK, Visualization SDK, Mobile SDK, iOS and many others. Based on discussions within each topic, other users from around the world can choose to reach out to experts for help with their specific use cases.

We will certainly be participating in the near future, so feel free to pick our brains and reach out to us through the community if you need any more information on topics related to data visualizations or MicroStrategy SDK.

Planning to join the community? Be sure to follow Aly on Twitter, and Project X Ltd. on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest news and thoughts from the business intelligence and data science community.

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