&$#%ing commuting! we all hate it and yet we all do it. we are in the habit of getting in our car and driving to work. bumper to bumper. stop and go. traffic. oh, how we hate it. I suspect a good number of us don’t have to do it. we could work from home or a local library or

The Friday Drive – Episode 1

Well, it’s Friday and the first real episode of the Friday Drive is now available. Over the past four weeks, MIP and I have found ourselves talking about issues from the week both from his work and my efforts at Project X. A couple of weeks ago, just before someone rear-ended me

The Friday Drive

A long term colleague of mine and I have been finding ourselves talking on the drive home on Fridays over the last three weeks where we talk about a variety of interesting topics.  So for fun and in support of getting others viewpoints on the topic we decided to do a weekly podca