&$#%ing commuting!

we all hate it and yet we all do it. we are in the habit of getting in our car and driving to work. bumper to bumper. stop and go. traffic. oh, how we hate it.

I suspect a good number of us don’t have to do it. we could work from home or a local library or Starbucks or even a satellite office closer to our home.

anyone whose job entails computers, forms and meetings doesn’t have to commute every day! with more and more use of the cloud, collaborative software and conferencing facilities, like gotomeeting and livemeeting , commuting becomes an unnecessary waste of time.

I’m not advocating becoming a recluse. traveling to an important face to face meeting is vital. some people will have to do this. but do we have to do it every day out of sheer habit?

try it. telecommute one day a week, then 2, then three. you’ll be more productive, happier, less fatigued. you’ll gain time at both ends of your work day, save money on fuel, and be greener too by reducing you personal carbon footprint!

  1. cheap jordan 11 Reply

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  2. MBT Trainers Reply

    Thanks for taking this opportunity to discuss this, I feel fervently about this and I like learning about this subject.

  3. Stephen Hayward Reply

    Choose where you want to work and where you want to live.
    The importance of being able to have informal conversation is the part for me that is lost. I choose to work with people I enjoy spending time with. As a social animal, it is important for me to have lots of different human interaction.
    Reality is though I do not need it all the time. But it is not just about me. Maybe I might be someone else human interaction and we need to be supportive of everyone.

  4. Jim Hayward Reply

    The lessons is life may hand you challenges but it is how you respond is the key. The author in my last comment was Tony Robbins.( A senior moment)

  5. Jim Hayward Reply

    Two sets of tapes I listened to at the time were “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and Power Talks by ????. Recently I got “The Rational Optimist” out of the library and listen to it. There are really an endless supply and great personal development.

  6. Jim Hayward Reply

    I did a lot of commuting during my career. However I used the time to listen to books on tape or CD. I listen to all kinds of books and learned many things. Some were better than others but I learned something with every one of them and the commute time went by quickly. The library has lots of great books on CD in both fiction and non-fiction.
    However I also value my time and telecommuting used wisely can really help us become more productive.

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