Project X Ltd. Aims to Lead Business Intelligence Mobile App Development

Company completes training to become lead facilitators for the MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike Program January 25, 2011 – Toronto, ON & Las Vegas, NV – Boutique advisory and technology services company, Project X Ltd., today announced they have completed the QuickStrike Mobile Ap

Are Your Projects Loaded For Success?

Harvey often asked "Is this project loaded for success?"   A good question to ask frequently to yourself or any project manager. So what do I do if the answer is no.  My general approach is revise the project plan and objectives to load it for success.  If

Systems Thinking versus Cause & Effect

Do you react to the immediate situation or think about the underlying system that might have caused the current situation?   System thinking is critical at Project X Ltd. for producing rapid results for our clients.   In the Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge describes a busine

Reframing – Seeing Things Different Ways

A useful skill to develop is the ability to see things differently.  This technique is called reframing and can be used in many circumstances.  I find reframing useful when something somebody does really bugs me.  For example if somebody gets very upset with something a

Methodology Versus Creativity

In my consulting practice, I have not developed many methodologies and notice that many people create methodologies and I wonder why.  I know with my approach I look at each situation as unique and use simple principles and checklists.  The main idea is to assess the current

What Can We Learn From Bob the Builder

In a recent blog, Dan Pink talks about how we prepare ourselves for success. I had always thought that a positive approach with positive self-talk was the best way. However Bob the Builder introduces doubt when he asks the question of the team “Can we fix it?” The team alw

The Drip Method

How do you make your idea of a change that is needed, an idea that the others own?  Introduce the idea, a drip at a time.  During your interchanges with others,  you make subtle suggestions about the change.  As the others gets used to the idea and if it is con

Beverley Fingerhut Remembers Harvey

It is difficult for me to tell stories about Harvey because there are so many. I spent many hours with Harvey as he was my coach for many years and each hour was so precious and valuable.   We talked about everything including of course client issues and problems. What stands ou

Key Performance Indicator – vs – Just Another Business Metric

I remember a story a consultant once told me years ago, they embarked on a project that would not end.  They were to develop KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for a business. After 3 months they had a list of over 300, after 6 months it grew to 600.  It never shrunk below t

Burry Foss Remembers Harvey

I asked one of my Gellman Hayward partners, Burry Foss, how he remembers Harvey Gellman.  He was such a big influence on us all. Burry Foss Remembers  I first met Harvey in the spring of 1965, when he interviewed me for a consulting position in DCF systems while I was comp