Employee Spotlight: John Zhang

John Zhang has been a consultant at Project X since 2016. In this blog he discusses the value he feels he is getting from working with our multitalented team. In my previous role before starting at Project X, I would look at staff that had been working there for three or four years lo

Employee Spotlight: Nelson Ning

Nelson has been working at Project X for the past six years and is one of our top consultants. This is his story. Before I started with Project X, my role at the time was in IT support. Despite not knowing much about business analytics at the time, when I saw Project X was hiring for

Project X welcomes Colin Low-Ring as our Director of Sales

Project X is pleased to welcome Colin Low-Ring as our new Director of Sales. With over 20 years of experience working in the enterprise technology landscape and a proven track record of management and client success, Colin is helping to set the groundwork for the expansion of Project

Why the focus on women in STEM at MicroStrategy World was so important to me

I remember attending my first MicroStrategy World eight years ago, and being one of only a handful of women at the conference. I was only a couple of years out of University so this was all new territory for me, and of course it was striking how few women were represented – a sight I

7 Reasons to Launch a Career in Data and Analytics

Back in 2009, solutions marketer Nic Smith stated succinctly that “Business Intelligence is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can take the right decisions.” With the amount of data available to businesses, it is critical that the data is

A Coffee Conversation on Career Progression

I was having coffee recently with one of my team members and the coffee conversation soon became a coaching session on career progression. These conversations come up often and I have given the same advice (or variants of it) many times. I wanted to share some of it here. You need to

My First SDK Experience

The other day, we were thinking back to our first custom SDK project. I thought it might be interesting to share how it started. And, as with many things it started with a client coming to us with a problem… The Problem: We have been engaged to develop a dashboard for a client.  One o

The speech Steve Jobs delivered to the graduates of Stanford University in June of 2005

At Project X  we are always on the lookout for things to share which match with our values and might be of value to our readers.  Steve Job and Apple have had an incredible impact on the world.  I was a very early fan of the MacIntosh and Gellman Hayward had one of t

Data modeling as a career

For a long time I’ve never thought of Data Modeling as a full time job. For me it was more a step along the way to getting a database built. A tool to fiddle with data concepts until the data fell into place so that the database could be built and the applications built on top o

Looking for Business Analysts @ Project X Ltd.

Role:  Business AnalystCompany description:Project X Ltd. is a boutique advisory, systems integration and support firm focusing on providing: Advisory Services Data Warehousing / Data Integration Business Intelligence xBusiness (device and web-enabled services) Support Services