Employee Spotlight: Nelson Ning


Nelson has been working at Project X for the past six years and is one of our top consultants. This is his story.

Before I started with Project X, my role at the time was in IT support. Despite not knowing much about business analytics at the time, when I saw Project X was hiring for a BA, I became interested in the field. I did a lot of research, began training myself in analytics, and decided to apply.

Though I didn’t know MicroStrategy, which was the primary tool the company needed assistance with at the time, they decided to hire me and train me up to learn the desired skills. I can honestly say that if the company hadn’t taken a chance on me and mentored me along the way, I wouldn’t be close to where I currently am in my career now. They coached me on the tools, methods and business communication required to succeed, and now I am passing those learnings on to a lot of the new staff we bring onboard.

One great thing about Project X is their willingness to invest in people. Work history and technical skills are important, but they are generally always looking to hire people who have strong critical thinking abilities and learn quickly on the job. Our staff work on many different jobs for many different clients, and need to be able to keep up with the demands of each engagement. More importantly, they need to make sure they are actively picking up new skills and new ways of thinking from the senior staff they work closely with.

The company’s approach to solving a problem is very different from what I generally see from a lot of the other players. Project X employees need to be curious, and are always encouraged to think outside the box. When we’re presented with a problem, rather than get hung up on the limitations of the client’s current tools or environment, we work hard with the client to think about how we can extend or completely break those limitations to go above and beyond the original ask. Though our ideas may not be within the scope of the current engagement for the client, we’ve often managed to work with them to help implement those ideas over time.

Project X is great at recognizing the hard work of its people, but the work is challenging. This is definitely not a 9 – 5 job, and the people who really succeed here are the ones who not only put in the extra time but want to, for the sake of knowing they were able to do well for the clients they are doing work for. When we hear the enthusiastic feedback directly from our clients, about how much the solution we built has generated true value, that’s an amazing feeling.

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