Nik Zoricic Foundation Golf Classic 2017 – Remembering a Hero


Project X is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 2017 Nik Zoricic Foundation & Friends Golf Classic, taking place on July 24th in Uxbridge, Ontario at the Coppinwood Golf Club. Proceeds from this event support the Nik Zoricic Foundation’s aim to support ski programs and promote ski safety initiatives.

Nik Zoricic was a professional Canadian skier whose life was tragically cut short in 2012 after an accident during a ski race in Switzerland. He was 29-years old. To many skiers in the Canadian and Ontario community, Nik was a friend, a mentor, and a hero.


“The Zoricic family has been involved in the Ontario ski community for a long time,” said Stephen Hayward, president of Project X. “Nik’s was coached by his own father Bebe, who continues to coach young skiers today. The family’s ability to convert a terrible situation into something positive that will have a lasting effect is wonderful. Nik had an amazing effect on the young racers he would ski with, and the Foundation maintains this legacy through ski safety evolution, education and infrastructure.”

Stephen’s son Thomas is also an avid skier who had Nik as an instructor, and remembers Nik fondly: “Nik was a nice guy who always took the time to work closely with his students. The foundation is Nik, it represents everything he cared about. The important thing is trying to make sure that accidents like Nik’s never happen again.”

For more information about the event and Nik Zoricic’s impact on Canadian skiing and to learn about the event, visit the Nik Zoricic Golf Classic event page.

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