Insurance case study: Catastrophic events reporting app

As an insurer, property assessments and mitigating actions relating to a hurricane or flood need to be completed quickly in order to reduce the amount of payouts for claims. Project X is always working to come up with solutions to common problems for various industries. We have developed an application for insurance response teams to allow for the logging and tracking of property assessments and claims, on the go.


Catastrophic events insurer wants to mitigate risk before a natural disaster hits


Traditional reporting and risk analysis often takes too much time to take proper mitigating actions


Send a response team with the mobile reporting app to make a timely assessment of exposure, and easily spot patterns and warning signs on your interactive visualization

View the solution in action here:



    • View risk visually on a map at the state / province level, and then drill down to see risk by postal code, right down to neighbourhood blocks and individual properties


    • Use the app to take pictures of the property and notes both before and after a catastrophic event to compare damage to the preexisting condition of the property


    • Easily search and bring up the profile for individual properties, including previous claims


    • Quickly assess and rate damage for claims, and submit results back to head office for analysis should extra eyes be needed

If this solution interests you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to book a demo with your own data, or to discuss how this solution can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.

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