Attending conferences leads to our best ideas

idea-1865762_1920The decision to attend or exhibit at an out of town conference (particularly a multi-day one) is difficult. By the time you factor in travel, conference fees and hotel costs, you need to be certain your business will strongly benefit from attending.

Of course, MicroStrategy World is a given, as Project X has partnered with them for our entire 11-year history. We always learn a lot from the various sessions, but the greatest benefit we gain from attending come from talking to other attendees and discussing their challenges. Out of these discussions we develop new and innovative ideas on how to address the challenges of various industries and develop products and accelerators that can help fill in the gaps of their analytics.

Here are a couple solutions we recently made available that were developed out of conversations with analytics practitioners at conferences:

Weather Data

A lot of clients want to see their data on a map to gain location aware insight, and one of the most common requests we have received involve layering weather on their visualization.  However, by displaying weather data on the map, it generally looks nice but doesn’t offer any actual insight on how weather affects their location performance.  Once we began to understand this, we focused away from a visualized weather layer and instead developed a weather data feed that can be tied directly to their data.  This useful data stream gives our clients valuable insight on how the weather affects their data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Often clients need to quickly determine data change over a time.  Currently, a MicroStrategy user would need to manually switch selectors and choose a time frame to view any changes. With Sequence, we removed the tedium of manually switching selectors and made it automatic; you set a delay between selectors and then push a play button to cycle through the selector values. This not only allows you to see change over time, but also makes giving presentations using live data easy.


Catastrophic Events Reporting App

When insurers are preparing for the onslaught of a predictable natural disaster such as a hurricane or a flood, they need to be able to assess the properties before the disaster hits to find ways to mitigate damage, so that after the event hits they can more intelligently assess claims based on their previous analysis. We developed an app template that adjusters can use on site to quickly capture and report back to headquarters for a proper assessment to be made.

What challenges is your organization facing? Drop us a line and let’s discuss how we can help solve your business needs.

For more of our insights from World 2017, be sure to visit our World summary page.

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