New version of GeoDash to be unveiled January 3rd 2017

Location Intelligence Made Easy

Project X Ltd. and Project X Labs are pleased to announce that we will be launching the latest version of our GeoDash product on Tuesday January 3rd. Start the new year right with new features that will make your map-based analytics more intuitive than ever.

Keep an eye on this space and your email for details of the new product. Can’t wait? Reach out to us and we might just let you in on the secret early.


The Project X Team

Created with MicroStrategy, GeoDash takes full advantage of MicroStrategy tools & Google Maps tools, features and functions (Street view, directions, traffic, Google local search), eliminating the need for geocoding. Users can create & manage their own shapes (vector) within the tool, and then upload and save them (can also export the geospatial element and load it in to your database).  Users can also use GeoDash’s heat-mapping feature to quickly analyze and identify outliers within their data sets.

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