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arrows-1412060_1920One of the hardest decisions when operating a business is choosing the right data storage hardware to purchase. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, it can seem overwhelming for businesses to keep current and up to date. Purchasing new servers, storage racks, switches and fans on a regular basis is very expensive, not to mention the amount of time and labour required to setup and configure everything. If this sounds all too familiar, you’ll be glad to hear that there is a cost effective and scalable data warehousing solution available, and our team at Project X Ltd. can help you get there. I’m referring to Amazon Web Services EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud.

Amazon offers you the ability to purchase, setup and configure cloud storage to replace or extend your existing hardware within the organization. This gives you the ability to scale depending on the needs of the business. For example: your company is launching a sale online for Black Friday or Boxing Day and you would like to increase the load on your web or mobile server to accommodate the increase in website traffic.  Within a few minutes, your website is ready for the holiday season. After the holiday, if the load on your servers starts to decrease, you have the flexibility of downgrading your servers and only paying for what you need.  Also, your organization saves money and real estate from not having to purchase and keep physical equipment on-site because Amazon EC2 is all virtual hardware. Keep this in mind the next time your organization is looking to upgrade or replace existing server equipment.In the next entry of our blog series, we’ll be discussing the ease in which you can implement and deploy Amazon Web Services within your organization.

Aly Kaba

Business Development Manager

Project X Ltd.

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