Characteristics of a ‘True’ Analyst

Having worked as a ‘Business Systems Analyst’ for several years, I often ask myself: “What are the quintessential attributes of an analyst”? And, every time I ask this question to myself, there are few attributes that always come to the mind:

  • Fearless
    Analyst-Asking questions when things are not clear, even if seemingly dumb or redundant questions
    -Clarifying and confirming assumptions
    -Suggesting various options rather than concentrating just one
    -Fearlessly presenting arguments even if those arguments contradict the existing body of knowledge or assumptions
  • Rational
    -Objective approach focusing on addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms
    -Exhaustive analysis of pros and cons
    -Consideration of varying viewpoints
    -360 degree perception i.e. Cover all areas while analyzing a scenario
  • Home-work
    -Exhaustive research of available information to formulate logical conclusions
    -Deep interaction with the relevant resources to assess their feedback and converge towards the facts
  • Receptive
    -Willingness to listen to differing viewpoints and change one’s viewpoint in light of logical reasoning and evidence

I’m sure there are more characteristics or people may view it differently as well, but these are the ones that stand out in my mind.

-Atul Sharma

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