Questions You Wished You Asked Your Grandparents

As I got older, I have become more interested in my genealogy.   However I have learned that the dates are less important than the family stories.  I really did not learn many from my grandparents but wish I had asked more.

A friend of mine had the same idea and asked a bunch of us to what questions we wished we had asked our grandparents.  His idea would be to compose a list and then write some answer for his grandkids.  

The list is quite extensive so I will not repeat it here, but if you are interested I could send it to you.

  • What are your fondest memories?
  • What are your worst memories?
  • What did you do most evenings when you were young?  - middle-aged?
  • What were your most favorite places you visited/travelled?
  • Who were your favorite entertainers?
  • What were your hobbies?  - interests?  - sports?
  • What were your parents like?  - grandparents?  - siblings?
  • What were you proud of?
  • What were your health problems as you got older?
  • What special gifts do you remember getting?
  • What were your hopes and dreams when you were a young person?
  • What responsibilities did you have in your family?
  • What particular role do you think you played within your family?
  • What was a typical school day like for you?
  • What were your siblings like?  - did you have a favorite?  - why?
  • What factors were driving yours/your parents’ need/desire to emigrate?
  • Where did you/your parents come from?
  • Who did you/they leave behind? 
  • What difficulties did you/they encounter?

I must get on with answering these questions.

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