Discouragement And Encouraging Ourselves

Cause of Anti-social Behavior

When I exhibit anti-social behavior, I do it because I am feeling discouraged.  I have low self esteem.  However I am completely in control of my own self esteem.  How can you say that, Jim, what about all these terrible things that happen to me?  It is all a matter of choice.

Encouraging Myself

When I am playing golf and I make a bad shot, I have a choice on how react.  I can berate myself and get down on how stupid I am.  Or I can look at it a lesson to be learned about my game.  By looking at it a lesson from life, I find it more encouraging.  I can look at the positive of how lucky I am to be able to be out here.  There are lots of great things about being out on the golf course.

Recently I played with Jack and he made a bad shot and he was berating himself loudly.  I said to him don't give my friend such a hard time.  He laughed and it broke the tension.  

Watch That Inner Voice

  Try to teach your critic to be more encouraging.  Remember life is too serious to take seriously.

  1. Atul Reply

    Another great blog, Jim!!! I am now getting in the mode of not missing your blogs!!! I see this as the punchline in your above blog “It is all a matter of choice”. In the end, whatever happens to us, it is indeed a matter of choice that will determine how we react, or a better word “RESPOND” to the external world around us.

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