Harvey Saying # 17 – Be Passionate and Steve Job

Recently I read an old blog by Tom Peters about Job's management style and it really struck a cord about what being passionate meant.   Green is Green. NOT!

Harvey had an interesting view on moving forward on an innovative idea.  "Be Passionate."  He said that he observed that the people who made a new idea a reality had to really believe.  Often people come up with great innovative ideas but do nothing with it except talk about it.  I know a fellow who comes up lots of amazing ideas.  He is really fun to talk to.  However, once he has talked about the idea for a few days he got bored with it and moved on.  However some people grab an idea and really take it on as a personal mission.  The successful people have the characteristic that they are passionate about an idea.  For sure the guy with all the ideas he is really fun, but the ideas will never go anywhere.  As I write this I wonder if we had lost our passion for Gellman, Hayward when we decided to merge with CGI.  Just not sure, but could be.  What is your passion?

In observing the founders of Project X, I think they are both passionate about making their company a success.  They are quite different characters but both very passionate.  One evidence is how they go the extra mile for their clients.  


  1. Tobias Hammes Reply

    Tobias Hammes

    I think this is a real great post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

  2. Abdullah Frizzell Reply

    Abdullah Frizzell

    Thanks again for the article.Really thank you! Awesome.

  3. Jim Hayward Reply

    Resume, are you going to be able resist the iPhone or do have a principle about not buying Apple no matter what.

  4. resume Reply

    I am happy to say that I have never owned an Apple product of any sort.
    That said, I can respect Steve Jobs’ marketing genius. Apple was going nowhere until they discovered that very profitable niche. Using established technology, simplifying it, giving it the sort of clean, cool presentation that makes it feel elite in a Volvo or Audi sort of way it opened up a market for high-end gadgets that previously had been reserved mostly for big-time nerds.
    Whether Apple was carried by the wave of “nerdy is hip” that we have seen the last 5-10 years or whether they played a big part in creating it, is of secondary importance. It’s one of the more remarkable marketing achievements of the last 100 years.

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