Who Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Dreams are problem solving metaphors.  Nightmares are unacceptable solutions.   Alfred Adler proposed these ideas as an explanation of the purpose of dreams.

Recently I have been having dreams that leave me with a feeling of being lost.  One deals with being on the tee on a golf course and not knowing where the hole is and what direction to hit the ball.  Others seem to know and I do not.  Another is I am supposed to making a presentation but cannot find the meeting room and then when I get there I realize I do not know anything about the subject I am to present.  These dreams often occur over and over again in one night.  I wake up disturbed, then I go back to sleep and the dream reoccurs.  

I suspect it means I am uncertain about the direction that my life should take and I am searching for a solution.  

I recently had an insight that I should become a writer and define myself that way.  In last few years I have done a lot of writing.   I wonder if that might take the uncertainty away.  This blog is my first consideration of this idea.  If I am going to become a serious writer, then I will devote significant amounts of time reading and writing.  Let's see how that goes.

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