6 Books I Have Enjoyed

Here is a list of some books I have enjoyed recently.  Most are non-fiction.

1.  Outliers by Malcolm Gradwell – A great book about way some people stand out from the crowd.  The reasons are very surprizing.  Q&A with Gladwell

2.  Drive by Dan Pink – Pink introduces Motivation 3.0.  He says intrinsic motivation is more effective for complex tasks.  A compelling read.  TED Talk By Pink About Drive

3.  The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley – A surprizing spin on world events and trends thoughout history.  He proposes that exchange really separated the human race from other animals.  Also he says optimist get very little to no attention, while pessimist get quoted always. Review of Rational Optimist

4.  Still Alice by Lisa Genova - A moving story of a womans struggle with the onset of Alzeimers.  Review of Still Alice  

5.  Difficult Conversations How to Discuss What Matters Most by Stone, Patton and Heen – A book with with very practical advice.  Worth reading.  Google Books Summary

6. The Next Hundred Years by George Freidman – A prediction of what the next hundred years will bring.  The book is an interesting and surprizing thesis about the what will happen.  I found it very thought provoking.  Youtube Summary by Freidman

This blog was inspired by a blog talking about six books for college grads see 6 Books for College Grads.  Another really good list.

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